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PROMIC was founded by Messrs MANEL SITJĀ and MARIO CASANY. We were pioneers in the recycling of raw materials that are not traditionally reused: by-products of the process of producing food for humans, which are recovered for the production of raw materials for animal feed.

We developed the collection, recycling and recovery of products that today make up Farina de Galeta (biscuit flour).

Continuing with the same innovative spirit, we made a new qualitative step forward and began the processing, characterisation, and stabilisation of liquid by-products for feeding swine livestock.

Promic acquired the company SUEROS y DERIVADOS, continuing with its activity of recycling liquid products, but by applying a new production process involving drying, thereby obtaining a new finished product: a dairy product in powder form for newborns.

The company AMBIPROMIC Portugal was founded, devoted to the recycling of bakery products. At this time PROMIC was renamed PROMIC GROUP.

Continuing with the strategy of expansion begun two years earlier, Promic and the French company Akiolis created APEVAL, a company that is based in the northwest of France. Since July 2013 it has had a plant for managing food by-products of vegetable origin for their transformation into raw material for feedstuffs, similar to the plants we already have in Spain and Portugal. In this way we have a very important part of the whole of south-east Europe covered. In 2016 Promic purchase the shares of Akiolis getting like this the control of 100% of the Capital of the company.

The strategy of the group of companies is to continue being pioneers from the technical point of view, for the reuse of the current products, and to maintain our position as industrial leaders in the recycling of food products. At the same we are continuing with the search for new products, always within the framework of food and agriculture.