Welcome to Promic

Promic is a company that is devoted to the collection of surplus and by-products of the food industry and their transformation and reuse as raw material for the production of feedstuff for animals.

  • 1 Food surpluses
    and by-products

    We collect, manage and
    transform surpluses and by-products of the human
    food industry.
  • 2 Final product
    We manufacture products
    with a high nutritional value
    for animal feed.
  • 3 The Environment
    We recover and reuse
    products which would
    otherwise be dumped on
    tips with the resulting
    environmental damage and
    the sub-products of resources that
    this entails.



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Foods that become by-products


Supply Laboratory Final product
More than 400 human food industries rely on us to manage their surplus and by-products. We offer total guarantee of traceability and protection of the trademark.
Every tonne that enters our facilities daily are analysed in a laboratory equipped with the most modern technologies to ensure not only the safety of the resulting product, but also its uniformity and regularity in its nutrition indexes.
We manufacture products for the manufacture of feedstuffs for feeding animals of different species and at different stages of development. All of them under the strictest quality and safety control,with this being endorsed by the ISO certificates.