Process and management

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Reception LOGISTICS Quality Control

PROMIC GROUP has a treatment capacity of more than 300,000 tonnes per year.

We currently recycle dry and liquid products. In the case of dry products, we recycle by-products from: biscuit making, baking, pastry, pastas, sweets, confectionery, chocolate, snack products, extruded cereals, baby food, etc.

In the case of liquid products we recycle: dairy products, juices, soft drinks, etc.

With a treatment capacity of more than 1,000 tonnes per day, and applying the HACCP legislation in force, we guarantee the production of registered products of high nutritional value for animal feed.

The production centre for dry products, Masies 1, currently has 6 heat treatment dryers, ensuring the microbiological quality and high nutritional value resulting from heat treatment at high temperature.

AMBIPROMIC PORTUGAL is equipped with a dryer and the SUEROS y DERIVADOS production centre has 2 "roller" type dryers.

A team of 6 people ensures the quality, microbiological and nutritional control of the products.

With the application of NIR technology (infrared analysis), we carry out more than 150 daily analyses of the manufactured, intermediate and final products.