Promic Group works each day to ensure its products are those of the very highest quality available on the market. In order to achieve this, Promic Group has obtained the ISO 9001, GMP+ and Feed Chain Alliance certifications, depending on the origin plant. This ranked us as pioneers in the sector.
Promic Group has its own Quality Control Laboratory that has been recognised by the Catalan Agri-food Laboratories Registry. A team of six people work each day to ensure the quality control (nutritional and microbiological) of the manufactured products. Through applying NIR (near infra-red analyses) technology, the laboratory is capable of performing more than 150 analyses each day on the received, intermediate and end products. In addition, the Group’s innovative and pioneering spirit helps us to remain at the forefront of the latest techniques for measurement and control.
The Quality department works each day to ensure, in addition to the safety of the end product, the uniformity and regularity of its nutritional indexes.


For our suppliers, Promic Group not only offers a rapid and efficient collection system, but it is also involved in the implementation of the most demanding systems for ensuring safety, hygiene, traceability..., thus providing a reliable and transparent service.


Ctra. C-17z, Km 72.5,
08508 Les Masies de VoltregĂ 
(Barcelona) Spain

+34 938 502 727

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