Managing Foods By-products

Industrial solutions

Industrial solutions for recovery of human food by-products aimed for their transformation into ingredients for animal feed.


By-products and finished products from the manufacturing of... Bakery, confectionery, food pastries, biscuits, breakfast cereals, chocolate and cocoa, candy, fried snacks, dried fruit, rice, flours, ice cream, milk, yoghurt and dairy desserts, cheeses, juices and soft drinks,...


Regular and/or on-off productions, in bulk and/or palletised, with or without packaging, dry, semi-dry and liquids, are handled in a safe manner using industrial processes to ensure the health and safety of the manufactured products which become sanitised raw materials for use as animal feeds.


PROMIC GROUP ensures brand’s protection for all our suppliers.


At Promic Group we handle all the needs of our suppliers. From the provision of the necessary equipment for storing the by-products, to the removal within the desired terms.


We are capable of servicing stakeholders within the human food sector spread over the entire south-east Europe, at 700 km from any of our plants and/or transfer stations, in less than 24 hours and in the most efficient, rapid and convenient manner for the supplier.


Our quality certifications help us to ensure strict monitoring of the traceability of the shipments, with the pertinent accompanying documentation in accordance with current regulations.

EMP (External Mobile Park):

The Group has a full range of equipments for storing the by-products (compactors, containers, tanks, presses, pallet boxes...) and has the necessary means for performing their cleaning and maintenance tasks.


Our EMP (External Mobile Park) team assesses the individual situation of each supplier (type of product, available space at the production plant, volume generated...) and adapts and customises each equipment to their expectations and requirements.


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